Jargon Buster

Actuator - A device that uses signals from a sensor ,electrical or magnetic energy, into energy of a different type, for example Heat, light, motion. 

Ardunio - Open source popular single board micro controllers for connecting the physical world with the digital world.  

BBC Microbit - Tiny micro controller produced by the BBC for school children. Simple yet packed with sensors.

CAD - Computer Aided Design. Used in manufacture for virtually deigning a product. Also used to design parts for 3D printing.

CNC - Computer Numerical Control used to describe the process of engraving/cutting material using a high speed spindle to produce parts.

FDM - Fused Deposit Modelling. Type of 3D printing. Layers of material placed down on a surface one over another to produce an object.

GPIO - General Purpose Input Output header pins from an integrated circuit that allows user control.

OS - operating system. The interface on a computer which controls the computers operations such as executing programs. 

Raspberry pi - A credit card sized micro computer that runs Linux. Can be used for a significant range of electronic projects.

Sensor - A device that detects a physical change in environment e.g temperature, light motion or force.

3D printing - (Additive manufacturing) the process of creating 3D objects in which a material, usually plastic, is formed to a particular shape to form an object.

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