Saturday, 15 July 2017

5 Genuinely Useful Things to 3D Print

5 genuinely useful things to 3D print

Over the last years, 3D printers have become cheaper, easier to use and therefore more accessible to anyone who is wiling to pay. However, we often see 'domestic' 3D printers being advertised printing small plastic toys and models that show of the technology yet don't serve much purpose. We do occasionally hear about 3D printers being used for prosthetic applications printing ears and other body parts but I believe there is a market for designing and printing small replacement parts and other small bits and bobs to both make life easier and more fun. All of these prints will be printed on my Anet A8 3d printer, buy it here.

USB, SD Card Holder

If you have ever had the problem, and I bet you have, of missing SD cards and USB sticks then look no further than this super simple USB, SD card holder that holds all of your cards safely whilst looking great on your desk. It features four micro SD card slots, four SD card slots and two USB stick slots. It is easy to print and has nice chamfered and filleted edges that produces a clean look. Lastly, the holders takes up a minimal amount of important desk space whilst proving extremely useful. Design and print the holder here!

Cable Clip

​The next 3D print solves a problem we ALL have. Anyone with a tablet, phone, or any electronic device will have experienced it. It happens when you come to unplug your device and let go of the charging cable. It falls behind and gets tangled within the darkness under your desk and all the other thick black wires down there. When ever you need to charge it, you spend valuable minutes searching around in the cramped space beneath the desk. This cable clip sticks to the side of your desk and you thread the wire though the gap. Using double sided tape you can stick it to the desk and whenever you release the cable after charging, it is saved by the clip. When first printed, the clip will let any ordinary cable like that of an iPhone fall through. For it to work with such devices, I would recommend scaling it down to the cable diameter . ​Print it here!

Custom Parts

My favourite on this listed is custom parts. The category is generally open to interpretation yet I am talking about designing replacement parts for all sorts of things as well as functional pieces that solve a problem you face. Most commonly, this is done through a CAD package. Some good ones include Autodesk Fusion 360 , SolidWorks, Tinkercad and my personal favourite Inventor 2018 professional also produced by Autodesk. Personally, I have used the software to design various project enclosures for electronics as well as parts for cupboard and remote controlled planes.

Phone Dock

Thirdly, Solves the problem of "where's my phone" and "What's the time". With this 3D print you will be able to stand our phone up on this fully readable, fully port accessible and clean 3D printable, minimalist iPhone dock (fully customisation for any phone). As well as this you can route a charger through the base to charge your phone whilst you work. You could have your favourite screen saver, a clock or music playing on the dock whilst you work. Whats more the dock has a small footprint on your desk. ​Print it here!

Headphone Tidy

The fifth and final project is a headphone tidy and solves the problem of tangled up headphones. It happens a lot and it takes a long time to undo the impossible knot your earbuds have tied themselves into whilst in your pocket. It is a simple flat piece of plastic which you wind your earbuds around to prevent tangling. Whats more, it keeps the earbuds nice and tidy, out of the way, easy to pull out and use at any time. Print it here!

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